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ThermiVa : Ultimate treatment for vaginal tightening in Delhi

Due to various factors like childbirth, repeated sexual Ureteritis & menopause etc, women usually experience incontinence and looseness in their vagina. As well as dryness ,In order to for vagina tightening, there have been many surgical treatments in the past. However, there has been a latest breakthrough in this field, ThermiVa, which includes non-surgical method for vaginal rejuvenation and helps you get back to your normal sex life.

With ThermiVa, the inner vaginal walls and labia is tightened in order to increase your sexual satisfaction and maintain healthy reproductive organs. The treatment is not just a cosmetic treatment, it will help you feel emotionally better and overall well-being. It also corrects the dryness as well as stress urinary incontinuous (leaking of urine usually happens in old age & after child birth).

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ThermiVa Procedure

The process mainly works on the principle of temperature-controlled radiofrequency system. The radiofrequency waves help in stimulating collagen production, a protein the body manufactures naturally in order to keep organs well-functioning and good shape & supports the vaginal wall.

The process is totally pain free. The entire process at once takes around 20-30 minute and usually starts showing improvement immediately. The best part is zero downtime.

The entire vaginal tightening treatment in Delhi, India through ThermiVa usually needs three treatments in a span of three months. Once the treatment is over, you will feel vaginal ease increased vaginal lubrication and an improved sexual drive. The effect persist for longer time.

ThermiVa treatment benefits at MedSpa, India

ThermiVa vaginal treatment has immense benefits. The most significant benefits with this vaginal tightening treatment are:

  • No Downtime/Recovery or delay in sexual activity. Return to normal activities same day.
  • In-office procedure that takes up to 45 minutes.
  • Can treat both the vagina and the labia in one session. Most other doctors can only treat one body part.
  • No prep needed. No anesthesia, No shots, No numbing creams.
  • No post-surgical recovery or scarring.
  • Non-Ablative, Non Surgical and Non-Invasive.
  • No lasers! No stinging! No discharge!
  • Can be performed 6 weeks after delivery and between pregnancies.
  • Treatment effects can last 9-12 months.
  • Promotes tightening of vulva-vaginal tissues and softer and smoother labial skin.
  • Promotes new collagen synthesis.
  • Temperature controlled hand piece set to the comfort level of patient.
  • Very comfortable warmth, little to no pain.
  • Thin and gently curved “S” shape hand piece for gentle application
  • Single use hand piece (no transmission/infection risk)
  • Very affordable, financing available
  • Follow up maintenance treatments only once a year

As stated above, the benefits of getting ThermiVa treatment done are immense. On top of that, there is almost no downtime period which means you will see benefits in no time.

Is this vaginal tightening treatment right for you?

  • If you are suffering from any vaginal related issues like leakage, laxity in the walls, dryness lesser sex drive because of looseness and anything else, you can get the treatment done.
  • Women from all appropriate age groups have got it done and have experienced great benefits of it.
  • The procedure comes with quick results and helps you have a toned vagina, which makes you look and feel good with your partner.